• Henry

    Recovered Addict

    "I couldn’t even imagine the amount of warmth and comfort level I felt from top to bottom. It’s really amazing what they do here. It’s a life changing moment. I used the analogy of getting a new pair of glasses. How everything in the world looks different. It’s clear and you see everything you’ve been missing for so long when you can’t see properly."

  • Holly

    Recovering Addict

    "The staff on hand is unbelievable. They care, they get you going. You learn techniques for coping. Super important. You’ve got to have a life when you get home, and they try to prepare you for that as much as possible. So I really can’t say enough about it. I had a great experience. I think anybody out there who is going through the epidemic of opiates, there is a way to get through it. And not only get through it. But get through it where you won’t crave afterwards."

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