Soul Tune Up

At the Ibogaine Institute we use plant medicines to help clean your system of opiates, but also to help you to see yourself: your habits, your pains, wounds, traumas, and the roots and cause of your addictions or depression, in such a powerful and clear way. Ibogaine and Ayahuasca can show you why you have your anger, stubbornness, loneliness, separation, sadness, reactions, and emotional triggers. It can help you release the shame, guilt, and self-judgement. And can help you forgive yourself, for all the suffering you caused others, yourself, and the wrongs that have been done to you.

Most of the staff of Ibogaine Institute found their calling through the plants. As they cleared their own pain, heartache, and addiction, the darkness that had been eddying in little pools inside their bodies began to run clear, and into that lightness came the message: help others find this path. As their souls grew shinier that mission became a reality — three houses on the beach in Rosarito filled with shamans, healers, laughter, and, most importantly, patients dedicated to their own sobriety, and their own souls.

When the staff needs to reconnect with that mission, they go back to the plants for more healing, more information, and more courage. This weekend a group of staff members and their friends sat in ceremony with Kasia and Chance, shamans from Pheonix, to give their souls a little tune up.
This weekend is about finding your sweet spot, Kasia instructed us as we sat in a circle. It’s about tuning in to the frequency you want to live in. You can choose the energy you want to align with. Is it love or is it fear? It’s that simple. This is your chance to interact with the divine, she said. Take it.

Kasia and Chance take their work seriously. They are not messing around when it comes to enlisting soldiers into the Soul Army. Kasia is a general, directing her troops with a smile and a straight spine. Chance is in the black ops. They never see him coming.

Gen. Kasia began to sing, and as she called in the Grandmother, asking for her blessings, the purging began. Like a spiritual Florence Nightingale, Kasia flitted from one to the next, tending to the wounded, who lay in helpless heaps over their buckets, helping to bandage psychic wounds. Around the circle she went, her arms tinkling with the soft sound of her bracelets.

Chance, the red-headed wizard, had disappeared to the back room to help clear some dark energy from a woman who was drinking for the first time and felt she was being haunted by dark forces. As she struggled in discomfort from the medicine, Chance conducted psychic surgery, enticing the blackness to leave her body — tricking it with his wit, slicing at it with his hands, joking with it to get it off its guard.

In one corner of the living room, F. sang to herself quietly, a song from her childhood, that made her feel loved. “This place is so beautiful,” she said. “I never want to leave.” S. held space from the center of the room, telepathically checking in with everyone, sending them signals to help them deal with their grief. The two tall brothers, strong and capable and wrapped in blankets, walked swiftly throughout the house, bringing water and kleenex to whoever needed it. Kasia continued disappearing and reappearing like a hummingbird, alighting on your shoulder just as you started to cry. Chance finally emerged from the back room energized by his battle with darkness. Behind him, the young woman who had been doubled over in pain an hour before was smiling and radiant, a new devotee of the medicine, the pain gone for the first time in years.

Soon the energy in the room lifted and the heaviness in the room began to lighten. Small clusters formed outside on the grass as we began to talk about the messages we’d each received, the visions the plants had shown us, the new tools she’d given us. Whispers gave way to laughter, and soon the whole room was laughing at something, sending sounds of joy into the earth, little prayers of gratitude in the form of giggles.

Ibogaine Institute is an integrated clinic dedicated to healing severe addiction, deep trauma, and other challenges that life hands us. Our treatment philosophy combines the best of Western treatment modalities with ancient healing techniques and traditional indigenous wisdom.

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