The hell of getting off of suboxone

At the Ibogaine Institute we use plant medicines to help clean your system of opiates, but also to help you to see yourself: your habits, your pains, wounds, traumas, and the roots and cause of your addictions or depression, in such a powerful and clear way. Our unique approach walks you through your work to have deeply entrenched patterns fall away to be replaced with new habits and the discipline to resolve future cravings, create supportive relationships, resolve past wreckage, and get back to building the life you dream about.

Many heroin users turn to suboxone to get off dope. But at the Ibogaine Institute, we know how hellish it is to get off of suboxone. We talked to our patient Andrew, who came here to get off of suboxone, about how hard it is to detox from a drug that is just as addictive as heroin.

“Doctors claim that it’s easy to get off of, but it’s not true. They don’t really talk about that part too much, but if you ask, they say it’s not a big deal. But it is a big deal. Its awful. It’s like heroin withdrawals, not perhaps as intense, but they last for weeks instead of days. It’s just awful. I’ve been trying to get off myself but that’s a hopeless situation. I came here because I was desperate.”

“When you try to go off on your own, you can’t do anything. You get desperate. You get restless leg syndrome, you’re sick, depressed, confused, throwing up, sweating, you have diarrhea, you’re vomiting and sleep is out of the question.”

“The drug itself is very sticky. It sticks to your brain receptors, it just hangs on to your brain and it doesn’t let go. It’s a living hell to get it out of your system.”

“Doctors put you on it too easily. The idea is that you’re getting free of your addiction by taking this, you’re taking something safer than heroin, but suboxone is the definition of addictive.”

“People stay on it for their whole lives unless they want to go through several months of hell. I’ve heard that people who go off it, it takes about a year until they feel normal. I tried to stop taking it, but I couldn’t function. That’s why I’m here.”

Ibogaine Institute is an integrated clinic dedicated to healing severe addiction, deep trauma, and other challenges that life hands us. Our treatment philosophy combines the best of Western treatment modalities with ancient healing techniques and traditional indigenous wisdom.

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